We work with hundreds of individuals, families, trusts, charitable trusts and small business pension plans. We have a portfolio minimum of $500,000 which can be all in one account or spread out over several accounts.
We charge a flat fee that is a percentage of the assets under management. The actual fee is determined according to the size of the portfolio and the management needed. At the end of every three months, we determine the account value and charge one quarter of the annual fee against the account.
A broad financial review is standard for all new clients with more in-depth financial planning and referrals to other professionals (CPA, attorneys, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers) as needed. General financial counseling as it pertains to your portfolio or other aspects of our client finances is an integral part of our service.
Our principals and analyst work as a collective investment committee, so all investment strategy and individual investment decisions are reviewed as a group.
We believe that the more informed our clients are the more successful the relationship. At a minimum, we send quarterly statements with a copy of our Economic Outlook letter. However, we have many clients that communicate with us on a frequent basis through meetings, phone conversations and e-mail.
No. Our first concern is to eliminate problematic investments, our next concern is tax considerations, low cost basis positions and concentrated positions can take time to work through. Ultimately, our goal is to reshape your portfolio to work better for you with less risk and at a minimum cost.
Yes. We often make recommendations concerning outside investments that we are not actively managing.
No. We only take Limited-Power-of-Attorney (LPOA) over your account(s). All of our client’s accounts are held with a broker-dealer or a bank, so we never have possession of any of your assets and we do not have the ability to remove funds from your account.