Many busy people have a hard time keeping up with their lives; family, work and daily tasks take top priority. As a result, management of their investments are put aside to be dealt with later and often not dealt with at all. Our clients maintain full access to their investments with the security of knowing that there are professional advisors continuously monitoring their portfolio’s progress so they do not have to.


Most investors lack a specific plan or strategy. As a result, their investment decisions are based on emotions, not on sound financial judgment. We employ a strict investment process that requires several levels of analysis before an investment is made. Once we make an investment we closely monitor the fundamentals of the company and its shared market environment to safe guard our clients’ interests as well as capture a profit.


We charge a flat percentage fee for our services that allows us to focus our goal with our client’s: to grow the portfolio. We also do not offer any products or receive any referral fees so our clients never have to question the motivation of our advice.


Our core business is portfolio management, open and honest communication with our clients builds strong lasting relationships and a successful business. Our clients rely on our team to safeguard and grow their assets with a steady guiding hand.


There is no substitute for experience. Our advisors have nearly 100 years of combined investment experience and they continue to pursue additional knowledge and experience.


Although our clients differ from one another in many ways, they have several important characteristics in common:

  • While our clients value preservation of their assets, they are prepared to accept some level of market risk in order to preserve the purchasing power of those assets.
  • Though our clients may wish to be involved in the investment process, they are willing to delegate the daily decision making required to manage money in today’s markets.
  • Our clients want an investment advisory firm that provides a high level of personal service and assures total confidentiality.